Arjun Balaji

I'm an investor at Paradigm, a crypto focused investment firm in San Francisco.

While everything in crypto fascinates me, I'm most interested in Bitcoin and Ethereum as novel economic systems, decentralized governance, crypto-native businesses, the digitization of fiat currencies, new crypto-enabled markets, and the impact of cryptocurrencies in fragile monentary regimes.

Some non-crypto interests:

  • Understanding our institutions. Why do they endure and how do they decay? How can we build new institutions with technology?

    Some alternatives I'm interested in are charter cities (government), homeschooling (education), open source (R&D), and alt media.

  • Unpacking greatness. What drives world-class performance across disciplines? Why do the New England Patriots keep winning?
  • History and philosophy of science. Scientific progress is not monotonic. What drives it forward and how can we avoid stagnation?
  • Internet anthropology. A billion people will come online over the next decade. How do we scale digital communities? What are the sociocultural implications of global interconnectedness?

Selected writing below: